Nearly all foreign investors, expats and locals have the dream of starting a small business in Dubai. With its better tax environment, world-class infrastructure, business-friendly government regulations, and excellent standard of living, it is easy to see why Dubai is the best place to start your business in the UAE

How much does it cost to start a small business in Dubai?

Congratulations! You’ve got a fantastic business idea and are prepared to launch your company. It’s now time to begin setting up your business in Dubai.The cost of a city small business license depends on several factors, including the kind of trade license, the selected business structure, and associated local government expenses. the activities you have selected for your small business, the registration fee for a trade license and location of the business (as well as office space/rent).

One of the most crucial parts of starting a business in Dubai is obtaining a business license. The Department of Economic Development (DED) oversees the company and business licenses in Dubai.

Depending on your needs, a small business license in Dubai can cost anywhere from AED 5,500 to AED 30,000. To get your customized business setup package, choose the best business consultants in Dubai, like Promptus Global.

Steps to start a small business in Dubai.

Step 1

Partner with Promptus Global

The first step in starting any kind of business in Dubai is collaborating with a local company setup agency.Promptus Global’s team of business consultant experts will oversee all aspects of your company’s setting up, business operations, and completion of all necessary paperwork and trade licenses to enable you to start the business as soon as possible.

Step 2

Decide a legal structure.

To promote and assist businesses with rules, the United Arab Emirates has established creative Free Zones. You can apply for a trade license in a Dubai Free Zone establishment and receive maximum benefits and local government support by selecting the appropriate legal structure.

Step 3

Register the Company name.

The company name, or trade name, needs to be distinct and not rhyme with the name of any other
company that has already been registered. The Dubai Department of Economic Development accepts
trade name applications in person, over the phone, and through its smart app.

Step 4

Initial approval of applications

The UAE government’s “no objection” to a specific business being established in the nation is known as an initial approval. The investor can now move forward with the next steps of business setup in Dubai and wait for the authorities to issue the license.

Step 5

Choose the Appropriate Rental Space

We can assist you in locating the ideal office space and completing a tenancy agreement in the city’s Free Zone area once you have your Dubai trade license.

Benefits of starting a small business in Dubai

Superior Infrastructure

Modern logistics, communication, and transportation facilities, along with other top-notch
infrastructure, make doing business in Dubai easy and economical. Because of this cutting-edge
infrastructure, investments come from all over the world, generating a vibrant business environment that promotes innovation and growth and so is a great place for you to launch your small business.

Tax Benefits

The attractive tax benefits offered by Dubai are among the most inviting features of establishing a small business in the city. Due to the best tax policies, companies can repatriate good profits, which makes Dubai a great place for startups and entrepreneurs.

Geographical Position

The great location of Dubai is particularly beneficial for small businesses such as yours. Dubai is a prime location for companies looking to expand into international markets because it serves as a major hub linking Europe, Asia, and Africa. This improved connectivity helps a range of industries looking to grow.

How to successfully establish a business in Dubai?

Do market research:

It’s critical to understand the local market and your target audience before launching or growing a business in Dubai. Investigate competitors, customer interests, social norms, and legal requirements.

Create a solid network:

Success in Dubai requires forging solid bonds with regional suppliers, customers, and business

Employ the right talent:

Due to Dubai’s diversity, it is a great place to find workers who fit the company’s culture and have the necessary skills.

Follow rules:

Dubai’s business laws and regulations are very strict. To prevent fines or legal problems, adhere to all legal and regulatory requirements.

Some Profitable Small Business Opportunities in Dubai

  • Consultancy Services
  • Tutoring
  • Arts and Craft Classes
  • Home Baking
  • Social Media Management
  • Event Management
  • Online Store
  • Cleaning and Laundry Services
  • Fitness Center
  • Pet Care

Starting a business in Dubai is simple, but it’s still a complicated process. A good business setup service can streamline the entire process and spare you from unnecessary delays. With a few basic documents and some information about the type of business you operate, the professionals at Promptus Global can handle the rest, including handling your applications for trade licenses and visas and communicating with all authorities and departments.

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