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Can I relocate my existing business to the UAE?
Yes, you can transfer your business to the UAE by considering options like setting up a branch or subsidiary, or through a company conversion process.
Is UAE residency a prerequisite for an investor to set up a business in the UAE?
Not necessary.
Can I acquire a personalized import/export code along with the trading license?
You have the option to request a code directly from Customs.
What documents are needed for company formation in the UAE?
Generally, you'll need a passport copy, visa copy, proof of address, business plan, and other relevant documents depending on the chosen business activity.
How long does the Company formation process usually take?
The timeline varies depending on the business type and jurisdiction. Free Zone companies can be set up relatively quickly, while Mainland companies may take longer due to additional approvals.
Can I have full ownership of my company as a foreign investor?
Yes, in certain Free Zones and for specific Mainland activities, full foreign ownership is permitted.
Can Promptus Global assist with the entire company formation process?
Absolutely, Promptus Global specializes in Company formation and corporate services in the UAE. We guide you through the process, ensuring compliance and efficiency.
Can I operate my business internationally with a UAE company?
Yes, you can. A UAE Company can conduct business internationally, thanks to the UAE's strategic location and well-connected infrastructure.
Are there any sector-specific regulations I need to be aware of?
Yes, various sectors such as finance, healthcare, and education have specific regulations and licensing requirements.
Can I hire foreign employees for my UAE company?
Yes, you can hire foreign employees. The UAE offers various types of visas for employees, including skilled professionals, managers, and investors.
What is the role of a local service agent in company formation?
In certain Mainland activities, a local service agent acts as a liaison with government authorities. They don't have any ownership or financial involvement in the business.
Are there any intellectual property protections in the UAE?
Yes, the UAE has intellectual property laws in place to protect trademarks, copyrights, and patents. Registering your intellectual property is recommended for enhanced protection.
What is the difference between a branch and a subsidiary in the UAE?
A branch is an extension of the parent Company and carries out the same activities. A subsidiary is a separate legal entity with its own management and ownership structure.
What are the advantages of setting up a branch in the UAE?
Setting up a branch allows you to leverage the parent Company's brand, experience, and resources. It's a suitable option if you want a direct presence without full independence.
What are the benefits of establishing a subsidiary in the UAE?
A subsidiary offers greater autonomy, liability protection, and can conduct a broader range of activities independently. It's ideal for long-term expansion plans.
Can a foreign Company own a branch or subsidiary in the UAE?
Yes, foreign companies can establish both branches and subsidiaries in the UAE. However, specific regulations and requirements apply.
What is Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO)?
UBO refers to the natural person who ultimately owns or controls a legal entity, either directly or indirectly, and benefits from its operations or assets.
Why is knowing the Ultimate Beneficial Ownership important for businesses in the UAE?
Understanding UBO is crucial for transparency, anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, and preventing illicit activities within the corporate structure.
What are the consequences of non-compliance with UBO regulations?
Non-compliance can result in penalties, fines, or even criminal charges. It's essential to maintain accurate UBO information to avoid legal issues.
How can Promptus Global assist with Ultimate Beneficial Ownership compliance?
Promptus Global offers expert guidance in understanding UBO regulations, maintaining accurate records, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws in the UAE.
Can I get a Freezone License without visiting the UAE?
Yes, remote application processes are available. Let us handle the application process for you.
Are there any specific financial reporting requirements for Freezone License holders?
Yes, businesses with a Freezone License are generally required to submit annual financial statements to the relevant Free Zone authority, ensuring transparency and compliance.


Is it now feasible for foreign individuals to fully own Mainland companies?
Absolutely, in certain instances this has become achievable. Feel free to reach out to Promptus Global, and we'll explore the potential to make this a reality for you.
Can I own property in the UAE through my company?
Yes, owning property is possible, especially in designated areas. However, specific regulations apply, and it's advisable to seek legal guidance.
Can I Sell My Business Along with Its License?
In many cases, a license can be transferred along with the business, subject to approval and conditions.
Can I Change Business Activities with My Current License?
Depending on the license type, changing activities might require a license modification or additional approvals.
Is License Renewal Automatic?
No, license renewal is usually not automatic; you need to apply for renewal within a specific timeframe. Our experts can ensure your renewal application is timely and accurate.
Are There Environmental or Safety Requirements for Certain Licenses?
Yes, some licenses, particularly in industries like healthcare or manufacturing, may have additional environmental or safety requirements. Our experts can help you understand and meet these standards.
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