Offshore business setup refers to the establishment of a Company in a jurisdiction outside the country where the business operates or the owner resides.

Offshore jurisdictions typically offer favorable tax regulations, asset protection, and privacy benefits to attract businesses and individuals seeking international business opportunities. By setting up an offshore Company, businesses can enjoy advantages such as reduced taxation, simplified Company formation procedures, enhanced confidentiality, and flexibility in managing assets and investments. Offshore business setups are commonly utilized for various purposes, including international trading, asset holding, investment management, and estate planning. It is essential to consider the legal and regulatory requirements of the chosen jurisdiction and seek professional advice to ensure compliance and maximize the benefits of an offshore business setup.

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Advantages of a Offshore business setup in UAE

100% Ownership
Discover unprecedented opportunities as a foreign investor in the UAE. Recent regulations now allow 100% foreign ownership of Mainland companies, excluding the need for Emirati sponsors. Take control of your business and maximize your potential for success.
100% Repatriation of Capital and Profits
Capital and profits of the Company subject to the compliance of law and payment of tax obligation can repatriate the capital and profits of the Company.
Minimum Paperwork
There shall be minimum paperwork involved.
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Free Zone Company Setup

A Free Zone in the UAE refers to a designated economic area where companies can trade goods and services with certain advantages, such as preferential tax and customs rates.

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Mainland Business Setup

As the name suggests, Mainland refers to the area covering the major cities and towns of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Department of Economic Development (DED) serves as the Regulatory Authority for issuing Mainland licenses.

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