Starting a business in Dubai can be exciting, but it's important to know how to do it at a low cost. The first step is getting the right business license, along with finding an office space to work from. For all this we should know about different types of business licenses and cheap or low cost business setupin Dubai.

When you’re starting a business, one of the first things you need is a business license. This is like a permission slip from the government that says you’re allowed to do business in Dubai. But getting a license can be expensive, especially if you’re just starting out or running a small business.

Start-ups in Dubai can conduct business online and through social media accounts through to the DED Trader license. The purpose of the license is to direct traders toward the best journey to enter the business world. Dubai Economy aims to control and improve the convenience of conducting business electronically through the DED Trader license.

Before launching a business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates you should get a license that’s required particularly for your type of business. Let’s examine the four categories of trade licensesoffered by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai:

1.Commercial License

When a business activity involves the selling (trading) of products, a commercial license is required. A variety of activities, including general trading, electronic trading, and software trading, are permitted under this license. Both general and specialized traders in Dubai and the UAE can benefit from a commercial license. Businesses engaged in the trading of goods, commodities, and services in Dubai may apply to have a commercial license issued.

Gaining a Commercial Trade License Has Its Advantages :

  • A commercial trade license allows you to conduct at least ten different types of business operations.
  • There are various options available for you to choose from when registering a company.
  • With a single license, you can carry out several related business operations.
  • When used in a free zone, you benefit from tax exemption and free capital gains repatriation.
  • You can participate in global trade operations.
  • It makes the process of getting work visas for foreign employees easier. It makes it possible for a business to hire lots of foreign workers.
  • To renew their license, trading companies operating under a commercial license are exempt from audit requirements.
  • The simplest process of all is to obtain a commercial trade license in Dubai.

2.Professional License

By obtaining a professional trade license from Dubai DED, you can launch a business in Dubai if you are a qualified professional with a particular area of expertise. Businesses that are service-oriented and generate revenue from the services they provide receive a professional license. Consultancies, management services, technical services, beauty salons, healthcare and medical services, printing and publishing, accounting, and auditing, and many more are examples of business activities that fall into this category. Obtaining a Professional License requires proof of qualifications and relevant experience in your field of expertise.

3.Industrial License

In Dubai, the terms “industrial license” refer to activities like production, packaging, segregation, and collection. The business must have a physical warehouse within the UAE to obtain an industrial trade license. Typically, the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai grants the license. For the issuance of this license, you, as the owner of the company, must obtain approval from the Dubai Municipality and other relevant authorities.
Obtaining an Industrial License is required if you are interested in industrial manufacturing and would like to open an industrial concern in Dubai or the United Arab Emirates. Obtaining an industrial license in Dubai makes it easier for manufacturing and industrial companies to create fully or semi-manufactured goods.

4.Tourism License

The Tourism License is very important for companies in the tourism and hospitality industry because Dubai is a popular tourist destination. Getting a tourism license is crucial whether you manage a travel agency, tour operator, hotel, restaurant, or leisure center. It entails adhering to strict guidelines for customer service and quality standards in the travel and tourism sector.
Along with these types of trade licenses, you can also get an e-commerce license and a freelancer permit.

E-Commerce license:

Due to the growth of e-commerce, Dubai provides companies that trade online with a specific E-Commerce License. With this license, you can run an online store, a delivery service, or a digital marketplace.

Freelancer Permit:

The ability to work as a freelance professional is provided by the Freelance license. With the Permit, you can operate under your birth name instead of a brand name and be recognized as a lone practitioner.

Get a Trade License for Dubai Now.

It is illegal to operate a business in Dubai without a trade license. If you do so, you may face severe fines or possibly be banned. Getting a trade license and doing a low-cost business setup in Dubai seems difficult or time-consuming. But there are many affordable business setup companies in Dubai that are experienced in handling the processing associated with trade licenses, especially to get a business license with office space.

You can save time and money by collaborating with experienced consultants like Promptus Global who can do cheap, yet best business setup in Dubai.

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